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Right Now, some things are more important than Comfortable Shoes & Insoles.

Footkaki will be closed until Singapore’s CCB (Covid-19 Circuit Breaker) is lifted. Fingers crossed that we’ll be open after 1st June 2020.

In the meantime, we’d like you to know that:

  • Our 7 days return policy will be extended during this period.
    If you bought something that didn’t work out but couldn’t return it due to the CCB, don’t worry. The remaining days on your receipt will resume from the day that CCB is lifted.
  • Same goes for our 6 months fitting & modifications support!
     Yep – we’re extending the duration of support to cover this CCB period too.
taken in the last days before Singapore entered lockdown.

Meanwhile, Owen and Clarence are continuing to work from home – read on to find out how we are working to support you during this extraordinary period!

1: You can now Order Online - Somewhat

For this CCB period, Footkaki will be accepting online orders from Kakis who have had their feet assessed and measured by us.

If you’ve ever been served by us, you would know why Footkaki hasn’t hopped on the e-commerce bandwagon: we’re still not satisfied with the level of professional service that can be delivered online.

Feet just can’t feel comfortable online.

Fortunately, we keep detailed records for each pair of feet assessed at our shop. If you’ve visited us before, you can use this form to submit orders for repeat purchases, or ask for recommendations from our current inventory. Owen and Clarence will study each request, and let you know what’s suitable for your feet.

For payment, we accept PayNow and FavePay (instructions will be sent when confirming orders). Free delivery will also be provided for purchases over $90. Best of all – Kakis can still redeem and receive 5% rebates for each order.

However, due to the current situation, we seek your understanding that delays might occur due to manpower and movement restrictions.

work from home while ordering online from footkaki
Yes - you can order online while spending quality time with the kids.

2: Free Video Consultation with a Pedorthist

Some people might have foot problems or pain for which you urgently need advice for. What happens if you’re one of the essential workers (nurses, cleaners, supermarket staff) who are still working hard to keep Singapore going (while tahan-ing foot pain)?

If you’re one of them, you can schedule a free video call with Owen the Pedorthist (and founder of Footkaki). There’s only so much we can check a person’s feet for over a video call – but we’ll do our best to help.

No app installations required –  All you need is a camera / microphone-enabled smartphone, tablet, or laptop with any updated and reliable web browsers like Google Chrome, Firefox, or Safari.

Please note: This is an added service by Footkaki for supporting others during this time, and is not intended to replace full fledged consultations with a Podiatrist, Orthopaedic Specialist, or other medical establishments. Unfortunately, Podiatrists have been excluded from the list of essential medical services allowed to operate in Singapore during the CCB. 

Makes sense to us… after all, people are more likely to stay at home if they have painful feet. 

Before you go, here are some helpful links to last you through the CCB.

  • I am a CCB (Community Circuit Breaker)
    A useful site for you to keep track of and get through the days of this CCB.
  • Can I go?
    Not sure where you can go during CCB? Ask this website – but honestly, you should be staying home as much as possible.
  • Space Out by the URA
    If you’re heading out to get essentials, use this crowd level tracker first so that you can make safe-distancing plans.
  • TraceTogether App by MOH / GovTech
    If you still haven’t downloaded Singapore’s official community contact tracing app to your smartphone yet, why not do it now?

Remember – stay safe and healthy at home with your loved ones, ya?