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brands of comfort shoes available at Footkaki, Singapore: Spenco, Grunland, Ziera, Vionic, Revere, Sole, DB Wider Fit, and Dr Comfort.

Ladies – are you looking for Comfortable Shoes or Sandals?

At Footkaki, you will find decent lookers to suit your taste and feet type: Mary Janes, Wedges, Loafers, Heels… even Casual Sneakers! From the humble Flip Flop to classy handmade Italian Espadrilles, we’ve handpicked a selection that your Podiatrist would approve of.

We’ve got something for everyone: the aunty, office lady, teacher, nurse, salesgirl, even athletes or dancers. All carefully chosen from established comfort brands like Spenco, Vionic, Revere, Grunland, and Ziera. Each pair we pick comes with orthotic features designed to make your feet feel comfortable and well supported.

Although not listed here, diabetic-friendly ladies footwear from Dr Comfort® are also available on special orders.

revere santa monica at footkaki, singapore. comfortable orthotics friendly sandals for ladies with arch support and removable cushioned insoles.

Free Foot Assessment & Professional Shoe Fitting

Qualified Member in Store

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With our professional fitting service –  shoe shopping is personal again! So personal, that we might even refuse to sell you the pair you want if it’s not suitable for you. What? Why? Well, because…

“Like shoes, the best looking men don’t always make good husbands” – You might hear us mention that at our shop. Trust us. For footwear, beauty lies in the feet of the comfortable wearer. Just ask our wives…actually, please don’t.

As a rare professional shoe fitting shop in Singapore, we are dedicated to finding the right fit for your unique feet length, width, and walking gait. We are focused on helping you find relief for Bunions, Arch Pain, Flat Feet, Calluses, Corns, Diabetic Feet, Plantar Fasciitis (Heel Pain), Achilles Tendonitis, and other foot problems that cause pain for you.

Looks are important, but it’s a comfortable fit that comes first. We are two guys well versed in the art and science of matchmaking shoes that help you feel good when walking, while still looking quite good. Ok, honestly… we’re still two guys picking shoes for ladies.

So if this sounds like your kind of shoe shop – make an appointment and pay us a visit!

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See-see only ah! We insist on selling orthopaedic footwear responsibly  –
we won’t sell you anything without making sure that they’re right for your feet.

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