Banner for comfort sandals selection at Footkaki, Singapore. Many of them come with orthopedic features like arch support, deep heel cups, removable orthotics, and generous width for wide feet!
brands of comfort shoes available at Footkaki, Singapore: Spenco, Grunland, Ziera, Vionic, Revere, Sole, DB Wider Fit, and Dr Comfort.

Yes – We have Comfortable Sandals for Women with Problem Feet.

At Honest & Affordable Prices too. They also look quite nice, we think.

At Footkaki, we believe that Sandals with good Arch Support don’t have to cost you a leg. So we’ve handpicked a value-for-money selection from reliable names like Spenco, Vionic, Grünland, Revere, and more.

From the humble flip flop to classy 3-strap sandals fit for a tai-tai, our friendly and approachable team will help you find the right pair fit most occasions and budgets. Whether you’re searching for a good pair of recovery sandals to rehabilitate foot pain, or an orthotic-friendly pair for your Podiatrist to work with – you’ll most likely find what you need at a fair, honest, and transparent price.

revere santa monica at footkaki, singapore. comfortable orthotics friendly sandals for ladies with arch support and removable cushioned insoles.

Why Visit Footkaki for Comfortable Sandals?

We stock many Orthotic-Friendly Sandals for Plantar Fasciitis, Bunions, Flat Feet, and Other Common Foot Problems.

Most come ready with built-in and removable Orthopaedic Insoles designed by Podiatrists.

While we don’t have the largest or most fashionable inventory, we do carry a range of footwear that’s thoughtfully designed for rehabilitating and preventing most common foot problems.

Also, we’re very serious about good shoe fitting. All footwear purchased from us receives 6 months warranty against manufacturer defects and Fitting/Modification Support.

Owen the Pedorthist and son at Footkaki

Footkaki’s story began with Owen the Pedorthist’s simple dream: to make Healthy footwear Accessible and Affordable to the people who need them in Singapore.

Even if you have less than $100 to spend, we’ll do our best to find you a good pair of orthotic shoes.

For Kakis with Foot Pain, please think of us as a place to visit before deciding to see a Podiatrist. If you’re already seeing a Podiatrist, you can also think of us as a humble little shop to get fitted for the right pair of orthopaedic footwear or insoles prescribed by medical professionals.

Or if you’d prefer, a little family-run shop that’s determined to help you find comfortable sandals at a decent and honest price.

Free Foot Assessment & Professional Shoe Fitting

We won’t sell you anything without double-confirming that it’s right for you.

Qualified Member in Store

Society of Shoe Fitters Logo - Member Instore - Footkaki Singapore

Behind the highly-rated personal service at Footkaki lies our code of ethics. As professional shoe fitters, we’ll refuse to sell you the pair you want if it’s not suitable for you. What? Why? Well, because…

“Like shoes, the best looking men don’t always make good husbands” – You might hear us mention that at our shop. Trust us. For footwear, beauty lies in the feet of the comfortable wearer. Just ask our wives…actually, please don’t.

As a rare professional shoe fitting shop in Singapore, we are dedicated to finding the right fit for your unique feet length, width, and walking gait. We are focused on helping you find relief and comfort for problem feet.

Looks are important, but it’s a comfortable fit that comes first. We pride ourselves on being well versed in the art and science of matchmaking footwear that help you feel good when walking, while still looking quite good. Ok, honestly… we’re still two guys (and one aunty) picking shoes for ladies.

So if this sounds like your kind of shoe shop – make an appointment and pay us a visit!

Browse our Collection of Women’s Sandals

We’re a bit slow to update new arrivals – best way to see more is to pay us a visit. Although not listed here, Diabetic-Friendly designs by Dr Comfort® are available for order.

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