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“Wide Fitting”, “Orthotic-Friendly”, “Comfortable”

That’s what our Kakis often ask for, and we’re glad to bring DB Wider Fit’s award-winning shoes to meet their needs in Singapore.

At Footkaki, we don’t have a big inventory – but it’s lovingly handpicked by us to fit the needs of our customers. After serving over 3000 pairs of feet at our little shoe fitting shop and gathering your feedback, we understood that many high street / mainstream footwear brands had limited options for people with wider feet.

We also learnt from Singapore’s podiatry community that many shoes were too poorly made, or simply not designed to accommodate customised orthotics, insoles, or shoe inserts. So as shoe fitters, Owen & Clarence began our search for good wide-fitting and orthotic-friendly shoes made with quality workmanship.

It took a while, and we found it in DB Wider Fit Shoes – the UK’s premier wide-fitting comfort shoe brand with an established history in quality shoemaking. We import our stock direct from their factory in Rushden, England, and hope that they will bring joy and comfort to our Kakis who are unable to find broad enough shoes in Singapore.

Owen & Clarence

Unpacking DB Wider Fit Shoes at Footkaki, with commemorative packaging celebrating the brand's 100 years.

Why Footkaki Loves DB Wider Fit Shoes

Example of how DB Wider Fit Shoes can fit extra wide feet and custom orthotics, shoe inserts, or insoles. Visit footkaki in Singapore for more.

E to 8E Widths / Orthotic-Friendly

Even though DB Shoes are designed for broader feet – they don’t look it! Most come with adjustable width systems, and all are orthotic-friendly with removable insoles.

The depth and strong structure of DB Shoes are also perfect for fitting both ready-made or customised orthotics/insoles as well as other shoe inserts from a qualified Podiatrist / Orthotist in Singapore.

Trust us – health professionals will find DB Shoes very easy to work with!

Healthy Footwear Guide Approved

At Footkaki, you will find that many (if not all) models of DB Wider-Fit shoes carry accreditation by the UK Healthy Footwear Guide. This means that the shoe meets the criteria set by UK foot care professionals for structure, fit, stability, grip, and other important features which contribute to your foot health and general well-being.

Of course, this means that DB Shoes are also made for accommodating foot problems like bunions, claw toes, corns, diabetes, arthritis, plantar fasciitis, achilles tendonitis, and more.

Here's how DB Wider Fit Shoes' Jason can look on your feet! Designed for men with diabetes and/or extra wide feet. Available in Singapore at Footkaki.

Thoughtfully Designed for Comfort

Stretchable uppers, one-touch velcro adjustment, seamless toe boxes, etc – these are important comfort features that many mainstream brands have forgotten or simply don’t care about. Not DB Wider Fit, though – you will find many of these features in their thoughtfully designed range of shoes.

At Footkaki, we have deep appreciation for DB’s conscientiously designed shoes. After all – they empower people with problem feet to don comfortable shoes which still look quite stylish!

The Story Behind The Shoes

With DB Wider Fit Shoes, feel the comfort created by 100 years of British Shoemaking Heritage.

In 1920, Jack & Bill Denton – identical twin brothers – began making shoes in Northampton upon returning to England from the frontlines of World War 1. Tapping on their family’s shoemaking heritage (stretching back to 1841), the Denton twins began building a storied legacy of comfortable and high quality footwear.

One of their first challenges soon arrived: World War 2. In wartime, the Denton twins found their fledging shoe business supplying 1.5 millions pairs of boots for British soldiers. In this time, the brothers also secure the rights to manufacture steel toe cap boots in the UK.

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Then, in the 1970s  when polyurethane injection moulding was introduced – DB Shoes became the first UK factory outside the Clarks group permitted to use the technology in footwear production.

Today, DB Shoes runs the oldest polyurethane injection moulding shoe factory in the world – also amongst the last few shoe factories in England.

Now helmed by Charles and David Denton – the family’s third generation of identical twins, DB Shoes continues its proud heritage from their factory in Rushden – where they keep the art of English shoemaking alive in the local community. With the support of a dedicated team, DB Shoes has become the UK’s premier wide-fitting shoe brand – earning recognition as Comfort & Wellness Brand of the Year for 2017 and 2019 by the Footwear Industry Awards.

The most English looking guy wearing a pair of wide fitting formal shoes from DB Wider Fit - available in Singapore at Footkaki, a little comfort shoe store.

Free Foot Assessment & Professional Shoe Fitting

Qualified Member in Store

Footkaki is run by Qualified Members of the S.S.F, a UK charity working hard to make healthy footwear and fitting more accessible to the public.

Do you have problems finding comfortable shoes for work or play?

Footkaki is one of the rare shops in Singapore where you can get professionally fitted for comfortable shoes that matches your unique foot type. As professional shoe fitters, we provide a public service that takes the guesswork out of finding comfortable footwear.

Our feet are unique, also very sensitive and vulnerable to unhealthy footwear that is bad for our general well being. If you have foot pain, we encourage you to pay us a visit for understanding your true foot size, arch type, walking gait, and other factors which can cause problem feet.

Our fitting service is free. You will be served by Owen the Pedorthist and his team of professional shoe fitters. There is no obligation to buy – but if you like our service, we do appreciate your support for our little family-run shop.

We’re so serious about comfort that we give 6 months Guarantee against manufacturer defects & Professional Fitting Support for all footwear purchased from us. Because feet change – trust us. We know.

If Footkaki sounds like your kind of orthopaedic shoe store, why not pay us a visit?

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