Grünland Shoes at Footkaki Singapore

Get Fitted for Grünland Shoes

Here at Footkaki, we stock a wide and consistent range of Grünland footwear at very affordable prices in Singapore.  Simply because we know that comfortable sandals, slippers, or shoes are a necessity for many people.

About Grünland

Founded in 1949 by the brothers Giovanni & Francesco Berdin, Grünland is a family-owned brand hailing from Vicenza, Italy. Well-known in Italy for comfort and quality, Grünland footwear is often handmade from natural materials like cork, plant latex, and premium leathers. Think timeless European styles that are thoughtfully designed for comfort.

Orthotic-Friendly Footwear for Natural Wellbeing

As an independent fitter and retailer of Grünland footwear in Singapore, Footkaki highly recommends Grünland for guaranteed value, comfort, and quality. Owen our Pedorthist has handpicked models with features for relieving foot problems like Arch Pain, Bunions, Plantar Fasciitis, Achilles Tendonitis and Claw/Hammer Toes.

Our collection of Grünland shoes come with the following range of features:

  • Natural Cork Insoles
    High quality anatomical footbeds made from Grünland’s own blend of latex and natural cork.
  • Grünland Suave® Insoles
    Orthopaedic ‘massage’ insoles that improve blood circulation and regeneration in your feet. Comes with extra shock absorption.
  • Dry Go® Insoles by Valfussbett
    A double action insole with excellent shock absorption and moisture control. Comes with arch support, of course!
  • Anti-Microbic Insole with Aloe Vera
    Highly breathable anatomical insole made from recycled polyurethane and aloe vera. Prevents foot odours from building up.
  • Grünland Conforma Soles
    Dynamically designed outsoles that adapt to your natural way of walking. Flexible while offering proper foot support.

Many of Grünland’s designs are orthotics-friendly. For Kakis who require customised inserts, you can replace Grünland’s high-quality insoles with custom orthotics from your Podiatrist.

So find your fit from our selection below – all imported directly from Italy in limited runs. Our prices are affordable – no inflated mark-ups and gimmick discounts. Only honest prices, genuine Italian quality, comfort, and great shoe-fitting service.

Free Foot Assessment & Professional Fitting

Footkaki is run by Qualified Members of the S.S.F, a UK charity working hard to make healthy footwear and fitting more accessible to the public.

To find the most comfortable fit for you – we need to assess your feet in person.

We’ll measure the most accurate sizings for each foot, understand your arch type, analyse your walking gait, and spot any foot conditions which need prevention or management. Yes – our service is free, and you’ll be served by a qualified professional shoe fitter. There is absolutely no obligation to buy – but we’ll be grateful if you purchase something to support our little shop.

If we see that your feet need specific medical attention, we will do the ethical thing, and refer you to a trusted Podiatrist in Singapore. You can also find one from the Podiatry Association of Singapore’s list of registered members.