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Comfortable & Supportive Insoles,
Honest Prices & Service

That’s our promise to you at Footkaki. We want to be a place where you can buy orthopaedic insoles in Singapore without the fear of being ripped off.

Honesty, Sincerity, and Ethics are very important to us. After all – we know how it feels like to have foot pain. And we don’t want you to be held at ransom when already struggling with pain caused by Plantar Fasciitis, Achilles Tendonitis, Flat Feet, and other foot problems.

That’s why we offer a Professional Foot Assessment & Fitting service. It’s important for us – you included, to find out what’s causing the pain before picking out a good pair of insoles. It’s also important for us that you get to try out the insoles before deciding which one to buy.

Sometimes, we crack foot jokes while telling foot notes.
Don't scoff! These insoles cost only $25 - but they still get the job done!

For insoles – more expensive does not always equal better.

You will find that our prices are very affordable and honest – yes, feel free to make comparisons with other insole shops! We aren’t always able to keep prices the lowest in Singapore – but we do our best to provide you the most value-for-money.

And why do we do that? Because we know that good insoles are crucial for some kakis who are always on their feet – especially those working in education, nursing, retail, or F&B. We believe that everybody, regardless of their walk of life, deserves to walk comfortably.

So bring your most often worn shoes down to our little shop, and let us fit them for insoles that are most comfortable for you. We don’t care if you’re a security guard or rock star – we’ll serve you with the same honesty and sincerity that Footkaki is known for.

Owen & Clarence

Why buy Insoles from Footkaki?

Good Arch Support & Value

Here at Footkaki, we are very picky about the insoles we carry. All come with good arch support, and are made by trusted orthopaedic brands.

You will find many ready-made insoles at our shop that are either designed by Podiatrists, or accredited by credible organisations like the American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA).

While these insoles aren’t always cheap – we make sure that they’re affordable, honestly priced, and pack good comfort features for value. No cheaply-made imitations too – we only carry the original stuff.

Professional Fitting

When buying insoles – don’t leave it to chance, untrained sales staff, or the internet. Period.

As a shop founded by Singapore’s first Pedorthist – it is very important to us that the right insoles are matched to the right feet and shoes. At Footkaki, you will always be served by a Professional Shoe Fitter with working knowledge of what’s best for you.

If we assess that your feet need help from a medical professional – we’ll always do the right thing and refer you to a qualified Podiatrist from Singapore’s healthcare system.

6 Months Warranty & Support

Within 6 months of purchase, you’ll enjoy free modification and fitting support for any insoles purchased from us. We do this because as professionals, we know that feet and footwear do change over time. It’s common sense.

And for those 6 months, you will also receive our in-house warranty against any manufacturer defects.

You see – we take pride in the products we carry at Footkaki. If anything slips past our quality checking – we’ll make sure to fix it. After all, it’s about supporting you to walk comfortably.

PSA: if you’re looking for Custom Insoles in Singapore, we suggest taking a moment to read this.

Find out more about Custom Insoles

These days – there are many “custom insole” shops in Singapore with “high tech” foot scanning machines and pushy sales staff pressuring you to have a pair made with them.

These insoles cost hundreds of dollars – and are not made by medically trained professionals.

Honestly –  most people do not need custom insoles. In fact, ready-made insoles are more affordable and sufficient for most people. And as the only shoe shop in Singapore owned by a Pedorthist – we also know that retail stores are the last places you should get customised insoles from.

You see – only Pedorthists, Podiatrists, and Orthotists are qualified and trained to create medically sound custom insoles. Podiatrists and Orthotists are only found in medical settings – i.e polyclinics, hospitals, and clinics.

We already have one of Singapore’s only practicing Pedorthists at Footkaki – so the chances of getting correctly prescribed custom insoles from a shopping mall are slim. It’s common sense.

However, if you need custom insoles, chances are that you have a severe foot condition or unique foot profile. If we find out that you do – we’ll refer you to a trusted Podiatrist in the polyclinics, hospitals, or private practices.

Custom insoles from those places are much cheaper than in the malls. And it’s the most reliable way to guarantee that your customised insoles are made by medically qualified professionals.

See here for a list of qualified Podiatrists in Singapore.

Free Foot Assessment & Professional Fitting

Qualified Member in Store

Footkaki is run by Qualified Members of the S.S.F, a UK charity working hard to make healthy footwear and fitting more accessible to the public.

When Kakis first step into our little shop, we make sure that you go through a thorough Foot Assessment and Professional Fitting session. It only takes 10 – 15 minutes, and it’s free.

If you wanna get insoles, remember to bring the shoes you’ll wear them with!

During then, we’ll measure your true foot size, assess your arch type, understanding your walking gait, and look out for any foot conditions. We’ll also be chatty and ask about your daily life.

We insist on this because badly fitted footwear and insoles can cause further foot problems. To make the right recommendations, we first need to understand your feet and lifestyle. From here, we’ll be able to advise on the right insoles and footwear for you.

If you have a pair of insoles from a “custom insoles” shop, feel free to bring them down, so that we can check if they’re right for you. If we learn from our assessment that you need customised insoles, please rest assured that we’ll always do the right thing – which is referring you to a qualified Podiatrist.

Note: if you have an existing pair of customised insoles from your Podiatrist – please check with them before getting a pair of ready-made ones. Also, please inform us if you have any conditions like Diabetes.

Insoles for Flat Feet, Plantar Fasciitis, and other Foot Problems

If you need need supportive insoles for relieving heel pain and other foot conditions – check these out!

Insoles for Children

Before deciding that your child needs these readymade orthotics, we strongly recommend that you first let us assess their feet. We will let you know if they require customised orthotics from a qualified medical professional.

Insoles for Arch Support

New to insoles? Or just looking for something supportive? You might love these shoe inserts with arch support – at  very wallet friendly prices too.

Feet & Shoe Care Accessories

Sometimes, when insoles aren’t enough – you might find yourself needing some of these.