Yes, Darling, Comfort shoes can still look rather Stylish.

At Footkaki – we often hear customers complain that it’s hard to find good looking comfort shoes in Singapore.

We disagree. With Vionic Shoes – looks are no longer a valid excuse for avoiding shoes with good orthopaedic support.

You have options for sneakers, sandals, and ballet flats that come with Podiatrist-designed support. They’re all stylish enough for comfortable wearing at work too.

Owen our Pedorthist has handpicked designs that cater for feet with different conditions like Plantar Fasciitis (a Vionic speciality), BunionsArch Pain, and severe Pronation.

Since you’re already here – might as get comfortable. Let’s find out why Vionic shoes are right for you.

Yes, orthopedic comfort shoes can look stylish too with Vionic shoes. available in singapore at footkaki.

Why get Vionic Shoes from Footkaki?

x-ray image of the podiatrist designed arch support built into each vionic shoe - available at Footkaki Singapore.

Comfort & Style

With Vionic shoes, you will find a wide range of good looking footwear choices with hidden comfort features. You can take your pick from formal working shoes for the office, dress-down sandals for the weekends, and casual yet supportive flip flops for the beach.

Nobody would even know you’re wearing orthopaedic shoes – but hey, they’ll know that you look very comfortable.

American Podiatric Medicine Association certification for Vionic shoes.

Proven Orthotic Technology

Each pair of Vionic footwear comes with Podiatrist-designed biomechanical arch support and stability features that’s also accredited by the American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA).

You will be walking on orthotic technology with a track record in relieving foot problems like Plantar Fasciitis, Achilles Tendonitis, Calluses, Corns, and more since 1979.

6 Months Fitting Support

Within 6 months of purchase, you’ll enjoy free modification and fitting support for any Vionic footwear purchased from Footkaki. We do this because as professionals, we know that feet and footwear do change over time. It’s common sense.

And for those 6 months, you will also receive our in-house warranty against any manufacturer defects. Now, you know that we are very serious about comfort and quality.

The Story behind Vionic Shoes

Since its beginnings in 1979, Vionic has been known for passion and dedication to making stylish and healthy footwear more accessible. Not familiar with the brand? You might know Vionic by its other names: Orthaheel ® and Vasyli Medical.

Founded by legendary podiatrist Dr Phillip Vasyli – Vionic is an established name that has revolutionised the comfort footwear industry. Back then, all orthotics had to be custom made. This was a very expensive process, and Vaslyi wanted to find an economical solution for his patients. Being a surfer himself (how cool is that?), Vaslyi used his surfboard-making skills to create the world’s first ready-made orthotic insoles. He introduced it to the medical community, and the rest is history.

Today, Vionic shoes are accepted by the American Podiatric Medical Association, and proven to relieve heel pain and other lower-limb problems through Vaslyi’s Orthaheel® orthotic technology. It’s not often that you find Podiatrist-designed and approved footwear that is fashionable, built with sound orthotic features, and made with good quality to boot.

Free Foot Assessment & Professional Shoe Fitting

Footkaki is run by Qualified Members of the S.S.F, a UK charity working hard to make healthy footwear and fitting more accessible to the public.

Footkaki is one of the rare shops in Singapore where you buy Vionic shoes with a FREE professional fitting service.

We’re so serious about comfort that we even give 6 months Guarantee against manufacturer defects & Professional Fitting Support for all footwear purchased from us.

Because feet change – trust us. As professional shoe fitters, we know.

And to know which Vionic shoe is suitable for you, we need to measure both feet accurately, assess your arch type, analyse your walking gait, and understand any foot problems which must be managed or prevented.

Our fitting service is free. You will be served by Owen the Pedorthist and his team of professional shoe fitters. There is no obligation to buy – but if you like our service, we do appreciate your support for our little family-run shop.

If Footkaki sounds like your kind of comfortable shoe shop, why not pay us a visit?