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Wide fitting shoes from Vionic in the shop display at Footkaki, an orthopaedic shoe shop in Katong, Singapore.

At Footkaki, you can find Comfortable Footwear designed to fit Broad Feet, Bunions, and conditions which cause regular shoes to always feel too tight.

Ladies & Gentlemen… it’s not uncommon to need Wide Fitting Shoes in Singapore.

In under 2 years, Footkaki has measured over 3000 pairs of feet at our little family-run shop. And according to those records, at least 81% of those feet need wide or extra wide fit shoes.

Surprised? You don’t need to be. It’s common shoe fitting knowledge that Asian feet tend to be broader.

It’s also common sense that tight shoes can cause unwanted foot problems in the long term. That’s why we choose to specialise in wide fitting footwear to help kakis prevent conditions like Bunions, Corns, Calluses, and Claw / Hammer toes from forming.

Since you’re here, why not take some time to learn how Wide Fitting Footwear can help your feet? You can also take a look at our collection of styles from Vionic, Grünland, Revere, and Ziera. They don’t look too bad, and include good looking yet wide and comfortable shoes for the office, work, and play.

3 Benefits of Wide Fitting Footwear

For men and women alike. Yes - you too, bro.

This is how a bunion look like - in a cute way!

1: They Help with Managing Bunions

Bunions (a.k.a Hallux Valgus) are a common foot condition. We’ve seen a lot of them at our shop!

In simple language, bunions are a deformity at the base of your toe joint (often the big toe, but sometimes the smallest one – that one’s called a Tailor’s Bunion). They can contribute to a foot being defined as broad – or happen to people who wear shoes that aren’t wide enough for them. It’s a chicken and egg thing, really.

There are many reasons as to how they’re formed – but one thing’s for sure: tight shoes are not good for managing bunions. Tight-fitting shoes tend to place a lot of pressure on the toe joint, causing it to deviate further with each step taken. Footwear that’s made wide enough helps to take that pressure off your bunions, reducing the strain causing it to grow bigger.

And that’s important – because bunions can be managed and prevented from growing bigger. Similarly, wearing footwear that’s wide enough will help prevent bunions from forming, or slow down the rate at which bunions progress.

“But wait – I can still use gadgets and creams to shrink my bunions, right?”, you might ask.

Sorry, but that’s not true at all. A bona fide Podiatrist will tell you that the only way to shrink a bunion is through surgery. Now tell us, honestly – does anyone really like being operated on?

No gory images please - just happy feet!

2: Preventing Other Foot Conditions

A healthy foot is a happy foot. Many people don’t know that the human foot is a complex thing in itself. Imagine: each foot contains 26 bones with 33 joints, 19 muscles, 10 tendons, and 107 ligaments – all working hard to support 1.5 times your body weight over 10,000 steps per day!

Now, squeeze that complex anatomy into shoes that are too small or not wide enough – and it’s a recipe for undesirable foot conditions. These don’t happen overnight, you know?

It’s the toes that often get affected first. Aside from Bunions (which we already mentioned), Corns and Calluses can form on your toes as a response to constant rubbing and hitting in the front.

A cramped toe box can also force smaller toes to be in a stiff ‘talon-like’ position. This contributes to an uncomfortable and sometimes painful condition called Claw or Hammer Toes – whereby toes curl back and/or overlap.

These factors can add other painful conditions too, like Ingrown Toenails, Morton’s Neuroma and Metatarsalgia. The next time you decide to wear tight fitting shoes for the sake of style, do keep that in mind.

Of course, Wide fitting footwear comes with ample room for your toes to wriggle – keeping them healthy and happy. If you’re still concerned about style – don’t worry. Wide fitting footwear doesn’t look like clown shoes, and most people can’t tell if you’re wearing something that’s a bit broader.

Wide fitting shoes are often better for fitting insoles, shoe inserts, and other adjustments.

3: Great for Fitting Insoles & Other Adjustments

If you’re planning to use insoles and orthotics with your footwear – it’s always better to get something wide fitting. This applies even if you have medium or narrow feet.

The reasons are simple: there’s more space to accommodate shoe inserts, and wide fitting footwear is often made to be orthotic-friendly.

Your Podiatrist will love you (in a platonic and professional sense). If you’re having custom insoles made with them, wide fitting footwear often offers extra space to work with. This gives a Podiatrist better conditions for applying final touches to your custom orthotics, while also allowing them to add additional orthotic features like lifts and wedges should you need them.

For us shoe fitters – the same applies. Every single foot is unique.

Sometimes, we need to perform modifications on footwear in order to fit pairs of feet with different sizes comfortably. The extra room in wide fitting footwear opens up a wider range of modifications and adjustments which we can perform, allowing us to provide a better service for you.

Many of our wide fitting footwear already come with orthopaedic insoles with arch support. If you’d prefer to use other insoles that are a better fit for your feet, you have the option of combining them with our affordable range of readymade orthotic insoles with podiatrist-designed features for treating conditions like Plantar Fasciitis, Flat Feet, and Achilles Tendonitis.

Which brings us to the next part…

Try our FREE Professional Fitting Service

It's the only way to know what really fits.

To know if wide fit footwear is suitable for you – we first need to assess your feet in person.

With our Free Professional Shoe Fitting service, we’ll match you with comfortable shoes that help manage and prevent foot problems like Bunions, Plantar FasciitisCornsCalluses, Flat Feet, and Toe Pain.

Yes – our service is free, and you’ll be served by Owen the Pedorthist and his team of qualified professional shoe fitters. There is absolutely no obligation to buy – but we’ll be grateful if you purchase something to support our family’s little shop.

Qualified Member In Store

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Our family-run shop is run by members of The Society of Shoe Fitters,  a UK-based charity dedicated to providing easy access to Healthy Footwear and Feet Care advice for the general public.

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Feel free to take a look at what we have from established orthopaedic brands like Vionic, Grünland, DB Wider Fit, Revere, and Ziera.

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