70 Years of Comfort Shoes and Counting

In 1933, two Podiatrists in New Zealand went out to study the feet of over 10,000 women. They were brothers-in-law Mervyn Adams and David Robertson, and they wanted to create shoes that were orthopedically healthy for each unique foot.

In 1946, their project was realised as Mervyn Adams Arch Supporting Shoes. Adams & Robertson’s unique range of stylish yet orthotic-friendly shoes were a hit. Soon, they established a reputation for designing healthy, well-fitting, and comfortable shoes.

As their reputation grew, so did demand from outside New Zealand. John Robertson, son of founder David Robertson, took over the family business to continue their mission. By the 1990s, the company was shipping shoes all over Australasia, and rebranded itself as Kumfs Comfort Shoes (which rolled off the tongue more smoothly, to be honest).

Today, Kumfs is known as Ziera, and continues its tradition of delivering high quality and well-fitting comfort shoes for ladies of a new generation. Many of Ziera’s designs come with generous widths for broader feet, while also providing orthotic-friendly construction and depth for fitting customised insoles made by a qualified Podiatrist.

what goes in a ziera comfort shoe

This doesn’t mean that Ziera shoes aren’t comfortable enough on their own! On average, each pair of Ziera shoes comes with at least 6 levels of comfort features built in. You will find orthopedic support features like arch support, metatarsal pads, deep heel cups, firm heel counters, and premium cushioning.

For the majority of us in Singapore whose feet do not need customised insoles, Ziera shoes often do not disappoint! If you’re looking for a pair of stylish working shoes that your podiatrist would approve of – Footkaki recommends giving Ziera a try.

Free Foot Assessment & Professional Shoe Fitting

Footkaki is run by Qualified Members of the S.S.F, a UK charity working hard to make healthy footwear and fitting more accessible to the public.

Each foot is unique. Fit them badly, and even the best comfort shoes will cause discomfort. That’s why at Footkaki, we take time to understand your feet, needs, and lifestyle before fitting you for the most suitable pair of Ziera comfort shoes.

Our fitting service is FREE. You will be served by Owen the Pedorthist and his team of professional shoe fitters. We will measure your true foot sizes (people often get them wrong!), assess your arch types, understand your walking gait, and match foot conditions to the right shoes (note: more expensive doesn’t always equal better).

Best of all? There is no obligation to buy! But if you benefit from our service, we do appreciate your support for our little family-run shop. We don’t carry the widest range of Ziera shoes in Singapore – but we assure you that each pair we carry has been handpicked for the best value and supportive podiatric features.

If Footkaki sounds like your kind of comfortable shoe shop, why not book a appointment with us? You can walk-in too, but we’ll need to give first priority to kakis with appointments.