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We now deliver from Katong to the rest of Singapore.

Yes, you can now order orthotic shoes online in Singapore from Footkaki. But it's done a bit differently...

But as professional shoe fitters, we do things a bit differently.

No instant checkouts. We personally review each order to ensure that it’s right for you.

It’s slower and less convenient, but it’s the only way we can help you benefit from our professional knowledge and service. If you’ve ever wasted money buying the wrong shoe sizes online, you’ll get what we mean.

Sizes and feet are not standardised – sizings are unique across brands, designs, and people. For orthopaedic footwear and insoles, that’s even riskier. 

We took the professional shoe fitter’s oath to be responsible retailers of healthy footwear – and will not put your foot health on the line for the sake of quick bulk sales and profit. To find out more on how we’re going to do that – just scroll down to learn how our online shop differs from others.

If you have a painful foot condition, or maybe don’t know where to start with orthopaedic footwear – we recommend following this button instead to learn about other ways Footkaki can help you.

How to use our Online Shop

find what you like on Footkaki, then add it to your list!

1: Pick what you want or need

You can add items to list, and send us order requests at checkout.

It’s simple – just use our website as a traditional online shop. Add what you want to your list, and fill in the form before checking out. We’ll personally review your orders and provide professional fitting advice before confirming your order.

You’re not paying for anything yet! We’ll let you know how to pay through PayNow, PayLah!, or credit/debit card – only when you’ve decided to accept our offer.

For Kakis who are new to online shopping, we’ve cobbled together an easy tutorial on how to do that here. If you’ve ever shopped online – er… please note that it’s written for the less tech-savvy!

Wait for us to get back to you!

2: Let’s confirm your order! 😀

Within 1-2 days, we’ll drop you a reply to get it right!

If you’ve been measured by Footkaki, we’ll let you know if the items are suitable after checking your feet measurements from our database. We’ll also let you know if you’re eligible for any rebates, or discounts for healthcare workers, social workers, and teachers.

First time buying from Footkaki? Just provide us with enough information while checking out and we’ll do our best to help. You’re also eligible to receive 5% in rebates for future purchases.

For your own good – we might not always let you buy what you want. If you’re happy with our shoe fitting advice, we’ll finalise delivery instructions and send details for your preferred payment method.

3: Wait for your purchase to arrive

Free Delivery for orders above $90
($5 per 3kg parcel for orders <$90)

Orders will be delivered by either SmartPac or NinjaVan and arrive within 2-4 working days. We’ll send you a tracking code for following the exciting journey of your parcel too!

Same-day delivery by courier is also available, but it’ll cost between $12 – $25 depending on your shipping address (note: we’re eastsiders). For purchases above $90, we’ll absorb $5 from the final courier fee.

All online orders are eligible for Footkaki’s 7 days return policy (must still be unused though!), and 6 months of warranty (against manufacturer defects) and fitting/modifications support.

Other ways to Order Online

Recommended for those new to Footkaki, or who need better feet care advice

Hello Kaki! You can now have free video consultations with Footkaki for common foot problems like Plantar Fasciitis.

Try our Free Video Consultation Service

Can’t make it to our shop? Have a Free video consultation with Owen our Pedorthist!

No app downloads required. Just your smartphone or webcam enabled laptop or PC with a secure browser like Chrome, Firefox, or Safari installed.

Owen will chit-chat, understand your foot pain, and make recommendations based on what’s right and most affordable for you. If you like our suggestions, you can purchase something to support our little shop!

Please note that our consultation service is not meant to replace direct consultations with your podiatrist or doctor! If we assess that you’ll benefit from further medical attention, we’ll do the right thing and refer you to the right healthcare professionals. 🙂

Not sure of what you need? Fill in this form and we'll do our best to help!

Fill in a Request Form

Too busy for a video consultation? Not sure of what you need? Drop us a message!

It’s very simple – just fill in this form, and we’ll get back to you with our professional advice and recommendations.

For Kakis who have a record with us – remember to give us the same personal details provided for our database! We’ll use it to verify your profile and provide recommendations based on your latest foot assessment.

For new Kakis – please provide us with as many details as possible (e.g. your podiatrist’s recommendations etc). It’s not the same as getting personally measured by us at our shop, but we’ll do our best!

Tutorial: How to use Footkaki like an Online Shop

1: See something you like? Look for the ‘Add to List’ button.

You can browse the catalogue on our website, and once you find something that you’re interested in – simply tap or click the “Add to List” button at the end of each product description.

2: After you’ve added the item to your list, a link will pop up to let you view it.

You can choose to submit the list to us, or browse and add other items on our site first.

It works similarly to regular e-commerce sites, but you don’t need to commit to buying anything yet. 🙂

Items added to your list will remain there for the rest of your browsing session. There’s no need to register for an account or provide any personal details.

Once you've tapped the "Add to List" button, a link will be displayed that brings you to your list.

3: How to view your List

Once you’ve decided on what you’d like to get – it’s time to visit your list and send it to us!

If you’re browsing on desktop, just head to our header menu and you’ll find a link to bring you there.

Here’s another way – use the floating button on your right.

When browsing our site on your smartphone or desktop, you will spot some ‘sticky’ buttons following you on the right.

See the shopping cart icon? Tapping or clicking it will bring you to your list. Simple!

Not used to that method? You can access your list from the Mobile Menu.

This only applies if you’re browsing our website from your smartphone.

Whenever you swipe up, a header will appear. Tap on the menu button, and it’ll expand into a list of options. There, you’ll find a link to view your list.

4: Check and submit your List

So now you’ve made it to your list! All you need to do is check through the items inside, then scroll right down to view the form. 

Before submitting your request – remember that you can still edit items in your list!

If you’ve been to Footkaki before, we probably have records of your feet and shoe sizes. Just let us know in the form, and we’ll get down to it. 🙂

Fill in the form and send!

In order to serve you, we’ll need some personal contact details and foot information.

Of course, we’re not going to share it with anyone! The information submitted here will be used strictly for providing you with a service.

Once you’ve submitted the form, a confirmation email will be sent to the provided email address. We’ll then get in touch with you ASAP after reviewing your request with some shoe-fitting advice.

Payment and delivery details will only be sent once you’re happy and decide to get something from us. That’s it – easy peasy!