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Got foot pain but can't make it to our shop? You can now book a Free video consultation at Footkaki with Owen the Pedorthist!

Can’t make it to our shop? Schedule a Video Call with us!

You can schedule a video call with Owen the Pedorthist and founder of Footkaki for FREE.

While nothing beats a Professional Foot Assessment & Fitting Session at our shop, we know that it’s sometimes difficult for Kakis to make the trip down. Thanks to technology – we can now provide the next best thing for Kakis with foot pain caused by Plantar Fasciitis, Achilles Tendonitis, Bunions, and other common foot problems.

For 30 minutes, Owen will chit-chat, understand your foot pain, and recommend something to fit your needs and budget. There is absolutely no pressure to buy, but we’ll be grateful if you purchase something to support our little family-run shop. 🙂

Can’t fit a video call into your schedule? You can still get our help by filling in this form.

"I'm not good with technology... can you help me?"

Inclusiveness matters to Footkaki! Here's how to arrange a video call with us.

Don’t worry – it’s all very easy to use! Even Owen can get the hang of it. 😛

You don’t need to download anything. All you need is a smartphone, tablet, or computer with a camera, microphone, and secure internet browser (like Chrome, Safari, or Firefox). Almost all internet-enabled devices come with the above.

To book an appointment, just pick an available date and timeslot from the calendar below. You will need to provide a contactable email address for us to send a link to our private meeting room. If you can’t find that email, you might want to check your spam folder!

It is optional to give us your mobile number. But if you do, an SMS reminder will be sent 1 hour before our meeting. To ensure that your private data is secure – we use a tech service that complies with the GDPR (basically the world’s strictest standard for data protection).

When our appointment approaches, you just need to open that link in your web browser. You will then be prompted to give the browser permissions to use your device’s microphone and camera. When that happens, please say yes! Or else, the video call wouldn’t work.

Pick a Date & Time

If the calendar doesn’t load, please refresh your browser. Still not working? Eh… WhatsApp us at 8332 8733.
(Paiseh, things go wrong sometimes).