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FORMTHOTICS ShockStop Diabetic-Friendly Insoles

Available in XXS – XL sizes. XXL to XXXL sizes available on request.

Please note that these shoe inserts come in general sizes, and can be cut down to fit shoes sized EU 35 to 53.


Boring but reliable insoles made with seriously medical-grade stuff. We mean that in a good way.

Recommended for Plantar Fasciitis, Achilles Tendonitis, Arch Pain, Flat Feet, Diabetic Foot, Bunions, and Corns / Calluses.

Footkaki Explains:

Yay – it’s the good old Made-in-New-Zealand Formthortics ShockStop insoles. Such a common sight at good Podiatric and Orthopedic clinics which demand medical grade orthotics.


It’s pointless to go into details of the Formthotics ShockStop’s orthopaedic features like arch support and heel cup – so we’ll go into it other lesser-known good points. After all, it’s been around and super reliable since… forever. Like your laojiao office colleague whom everybody wishes would never retire.

Why are these considered Medical-Grade Orthopedic Insoles?

The ShockStop is heat moldable and plug-&-play compatible with Formthotics’ line of other orthotic accessories a.k.a the Formthotics Medical System. Many Podiatrists rely on this system when they need to slap together a quick and affordable ‘custom’ insole for their patients.


Simply put: if you’re going to see a Podiatrist, the Formthotics ShockStop Insoles are a prudent choice as you’ll be getting orthotics that they can improve on. At this price, you’ll hardly find other insoles that fall into the Custom Medical Orthotics category.

Are these Diabetic-Friendly insoles?

Absolutely! Formthotics’ ShockStop is made from proprietary dual-density foam that’s designed to accommodate people with diabetes.


These insoles are made with a blend of closed-cell Formax™ foam that’s infused with Ultra-Fresh™  – an antimicrobial material which inhibits bacteria and fungus from growing. Diabetic feet will also appreciate the smoothness of the ShockStop’s footbed which helps to prevent abrasions and nasty wound infections. If you have diabetes, you’ll know how important that is.


Best of all, there’s Formthotics’ legendary shock-absorption and cushioning built into these orthotics. Combined with arch support that conforms to your feet – we daresay these insoles can feel super shiok even if you don’t have diabetes.

PSA: On a tight budget? You can get these insoles cheaper from Singapore’s Polyclinics & Hospitals.

We’re honest folks, so we’ll tell you that these insoles can be purchased at a subsidised rate from hospitals and polyclinics in Singapore with a podiatrist or doctor’s prescription.


But if you have a fear of Singapore’s public health system (or do not qualify for medical subsidies), you can still get these Formthotics insoles from Footkaki at an affordable price. Unfortunately, we are unable to match the great discounts brought to you by Medisave





Anti-Bacterial Lining, Arch Support, Blister Protection, Cushioned Footbed, Extra Comfort, Heel Cup

Foot Condition

Achilles Tendonitis, Arch Pain, Bunions, Calluses, Claw Toes, Corns, Diabetic Foot, Flat Feet, Forefoot Pain, Hammer Toes, High Instep, Plantar Fasciitis (Heel Pain)


Closed-Cell Foam

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