Orthotic Shoes & Sandals on display at Footkaki, a little comfort shoe shop in Singapore.

Orthotic-Friendly Shoes & Sandals

Looking for Footwear that fits Insoles & Shoe Inserts in Singapore? It won’t cost you a leg at Footkaki.

At our little family-run shoe shop in Katong, you’ll find Honestly priced Footwear that’s designed to accommodate readymade orthotics and custom insoles prescribed by your Podiatrist.

And it’s not just shoes – we have sandals with removable footbeds too. Because we know that everybody deserves options, especially in Singapore’s tropical element.

Whether the weather be fine, or whether the weather be hot, you’ll still find shoes stylish and comfortable enough for jalan-jalan or work. We’ve got choices for ladies and men that won’t break the bank – fit for the office and hanging out with friends.

Have we got your attention? Well, isn’t that grand! Scroll down to learn more, or maybe just browse our wares. No overpriced imitations – just original high-quality shoes, from reputable comfort brands. 

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What You Should Know About Orthotic-Friendly Shoes

We'll tell it as it is - the Footkaki way!

A lady inserting insoles into her orthotic friendly shoes with an open lacing system.

1: They play nice with Orthoses & Insoles

Have you ever paid good money for a pair of insoles, then realised that there was no way to make them fit into your favourite shoes?

Or maybe, you still manage to squeeze them in. But it’s now impossible to fit your feet into them shoes –argh!

The feeling isn’t pleasant. Especially if you’re trying to fit in pricier customised insoles from your Podiatrist or Orthotist (not always cheap – but these are the only medical professionals you should get custom insoles from in Singapore).

With orthotic-friendly footwear – you wouldn’t face that problem. When fitted for the right size, you’ll discover a whole lot of hidden depth built into these shoes (like Ryan Gosling’s gaze…*swoon*). And that’s important – because insoles and shoe inserts do require a lot of space! After all, orthopaedic features like Arch Support and Heel Lifts can’t support your feet if they’re made out of thin air.

You’ll often find many adjustments features built-in too. Like open lacing arrangements, one-touch straps, strap extensions, and removable insole systems that allow for tinkering to the most comfortable fit.

Importantly – orthotic-friendly footwear is a godsend for people with problem feet. After all, these shoes are often made with high-quality breathable leathers and materials that cater for conditions like Diabetic or Swollen feet.

And guess what? It’s not just limited to covered shoes. Orthotic-friendly sandals are available for men and women too.

The gorgeous Olga, an orthotic-friendly ladies shoe by Ziera. You can find this and more shoes for insoles at Footkaki, Singapore.

2: Orthotic-Friendly Shoes can be Stylish

Eeyer – “Orthotic-Friendly”… it’s such a stodgy term, right?

There’s a common misconception that orthotic-friendly and orthopaedic footwear looks ugly. And that’s where we know that these shoes aren’t given enough love or credit.

Come on, be fair la. Have you seen the trendy and fashionable styles from Vionic, Revere, and Ziera? Or even DB Wider Fit’s timeless designs for men which will never go out of fashion? Or the classy continental finishes from Grünland made with Italian quality and flair?

Of course, nitpickers might point out extra straps or laces here and there – but these are thoughtfully designed comfort features, not aesthetic gaffes. You can take them away for a slimmer silhouette,  but hey – then your feet will be less comfortable and getting less value for money.

So the next time you’re looking at comfortable shoes for work, or even comfortable sandals for cafe hopping – do consider them with a balanced sense of features and design.

Do those shoes look good because they’ve had important comfort and stability features removed?

Or have the shoes been styled to bring out the best in your feet – while cramming a smorgasbord of depth and features to keep them healthy?

OK. That might make shoe shopping too complex. But you can always visit Footkaki for a Free Fitting Session and leave the brainwork to us. Can’t fault us for plugging a free service on our own website, right?

Just a man, looking very comfortable in his orthotic friendly office shoes by DB Wider Fit. You can see this and more shoes for shoe inserts at Footkaki, Singapore.

3: Everyone can wear them

If you think that only people with problem feet can wear orthotic-friendly shoes… think again! In good sense, you don’t need a serious foot condition to wear orthotic-friendly footwear.

To a Podiatrist, Pedorthist, or Professional Shoe Fitter, the ‘orthotic-friendly’ tag often means that the shoe or sandal meets standards asked of healthy footwear. The features that make a pair orthotic-friendly are also what’s expected of shoes and sandals that allow for comfortable walking, healthy wearing, and rehabilitation of common foot problems like Bunions and Plantar Fasciitis.

Think firm heel counters, stable construction, or fully adjustable straps (just to name a few). Good orthotic-friendly footwear is also made with premium cow, goat, or pigskin leathers that allow for breathability and stretching – often transparently indicated by responsible shoemakers who take pride in their creations.

If things went our way, we’d have everybody wearing orthotic-friendly footwear. People’s feet would be healthier, and there would be a lesser strain on Podiatrists and public healthcare resources. But still, some people still avoid orthotic-friendly footwear because they think it’s too expensive.

That thought isn’t always true. Yes, there are very costly options – but there is also good quality orthotic-friendly footwear that comes at affordable price tags. Of course, you won’t find them at dirt cheap prices. There’s a base price to meet for sustaining the quality, research, and skill placed into making them, after all.

Try our FREE Professional Fitting Service

It's the only way to know what really fits.

We’ll help you find Orthotic-Friendly Shoes & Sandals that meet your needs and budget – with 6 months warranty & fitting support thrown in.

At Footkaki, we think of healthy footwear as an investment, not a frivolous expense. Many of our orthotic-friendly options also come with orthopaedic insoles designed to help you with common foot problems like Plantar Fasciitis and Flat Feet.

Yes – our service is free, and you’ll be served by Owen the Pedorthist and his team of qualified professional shoe fitters. There is absolutely no obligation to buy – but we’ll be grateful if you purchase something to support our family’s little shop.

Qualified Member In Store

Logo of the Society of Shoe Fitters. Find qualified members in Singapore at Footkaki.

Our family-run shop is run by members of the  Society of Shoe Fitters, a UK-based charity dedicated to providing easy access to Healthy Footwear and Feet Care advice for the general public.

Orthotic Friendly Footwear Collection

Curated by our Pedorthist from comfort shoe brands like Vionic, Grünland, DB Wider Fit, Revere, and Ziera.
Although not listed here, Diabetic-Friendly selections from Dr. Comfort are available on special order.

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