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Try Spenco® – these might be the most comfortable flip flops you’ll ever wear.

At Footkaki, we carry Singapore’s widest selection of Spenco® flip flops, sandals, slippers, and shoes. If you see someone wearing a pair – they most likely got it from us!

Wearers of Spenco® Footwear will know that they make great recovery footwear for feet that undergo long walking, standing, running, and high impact sports activities. This makes them crucial for anyone suffering foot pain from being on their feet all day – especially our kakis who work in nursing, retail, F&B, or education.

As ordinary folks, we know that pain. That’s why we carry Spenco at some of the most affordable (if not lowest) prices in Singapore – with FREE professional fitting included. It’s our way of making good comfort footwear accessible to more people, simply because we believe everyone deserves to walk comfortably regardless of their walk of life.

Owen & Clarence

Owen posing with Singapore's largest selection of Spenco flip flops, sandals, and shoes at Footkaki, Singapore.

Why buy Spenco® from Footkaki?

American Podiatric Medicine Association certification for Vionic shoes.

Total Support® Technology

With comfortable Arch Support, Deep Heel Cups, and Metartarsal Pads – Spenco flip flops and sandals are designed to prevent and treat common foot problems like Plantar Fasciitis, Flat Feet, Achilles Tendonitis, High Arches, and Forefoot Pain. All Spenco sandals are also coated with anti-microbial Ultrafresh® technology which prevents build-up of bacteria and odour.

Looking at the above, it’s no surprise that Spenco footwear are accepted by the American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA)and often recommended by Podiatrists.

A lovely pair of feet wearing the Spenco Bahama sneakers behind Roxy Square, in Katong.

Wide Range of Designs
& Honest Prices

When Kakis visit us for Spenco flip flops – they’re often surprised that we’ve got more than that! At Footkaki, we’ve brought in a wide range of designs to suit diffedent needs and budgets – whether you’re looking for slip-on sneakers, mules, or wedge espradilles from Spenco – we’ve got it. There’s more to the brand than just their trademark Yumi flip flops, you know.

All honestly priced and direct from Spenco too. No old stock that’s about to fall apart. If the design or size you want isn’t available – let us know. We’ll see what we can do to have it brought in.

rawr! here's how we stretch shoes for bunions at Footkaki. with shoe stretchers!

6 Months Warranty
+ Fitting Support

Within 6 months of purchase, you’ll enjoy free modification and fitting support for any Spenco footwear purchased from Footkaki. We do this because as professionals, we know that feet and footwear do change over time. It’s common sense.

For example, we can use our ninja shoefitter skills for expand shoes to fit bunions. Of course, it’s a bit harder with flip flops!

That’s where you will also receive our 6 months in-house warranty against any manufacturer defects. Now, you know that we are very serious about comfort and quality!

The Story behind Spenco Footwear

spenco total support footbed diagram

Over 50 years ago, Spenco Footwear was founded in 1967, Salt Lake City, by Dr W. R. Spence, a specialist in physical medicine and rehabilitation.

With a passion to help people everywhere live healthier and more comfortable lives, Spenco begain innovating many products including the first gel cycling gloves and bicycle seats. Even the wrist and ankle weights used by Jane Fonda in aerobics crazy 1980s! Yet, None were as successful as Spenco’s Total Support® insoles.

In 2010, Spenco brought their insoles technology into their trademark Yumi Flip Flops. During then, many flip flops and sandals were flat and made without healthy supportive features – this made them unsuitable for people with foot pain and health conditions. Spenco Footwear changed that by making healthy orthopaedic flip-flops accessible to people who traditionally could not don casual sandals .

However, in 2016, Spenco’s insoles division was acquired by their largest competitor – Implus, while employees successfully bought back Spenco’s footwear division at the last minute. Today, those employees continue Spenco Footwear’s mission of providing healthy comfort.

Free Foot Assessment & Professional Fitting

Qualified Member in Store

Footkaki is run by Qualified Members of the S.S.F, a UK charity working hard to make healthy footwear and fitting more accessible to the public.

At Footkaki, every pair of shoes, sandals, or insoles is handpicked by Owen our Pedorthist to suit the most common foot types and conditions in Singapore.

To the untrained eye, each pair of Spenco® footwear might look the same – but there are subtle differences which might not help if fitted to the wrong feet.

So, to find the most comfortable fit and design for you, we need to perform a thorough Foot Assessment & Professional Fitting. You will be served by Singapore’s most experienced (and only practicing) Pedorthist and his team of qualified professional shoe fitters.

Our service is FREE. We will perform detailed foot measurements, assess your foot arch type, analyse your walking gait, and understand the causes behind any foot conditions causing discomfort and pain.

If we spot a foot condition that requires specific attention from a medical professional, we will do the right thing – which is referring you to a qualified Podiatrist in one of Singapore’s polyclinics, hospitals, or private clinics.

There is absolutely no obligation to buy, but if you benefit from our service, we’ll deeply appreciate it if you purchase something to support our little family business.

If Footkaki sounds like your kind of comfort shoes store, why not pay us a visit?